Bursaries to attend Plasmid Biology 2022

The International Society for Plasmid Biology is able for the first time to offer bursaries to Graduate Students, early career Post-docs and Assistant Professors/Lecturers to attend the conference.  The Bursaries will reduce the registration fee for successful applicants to approximately 30 US Dollars (which covers membership of the Society).  Preference will be given to applicants travelling from distant parts of the world to attend the conference. 

Applicants should send:

a short Curriculum vitae;

an Abstract describing the work they plan to present and making it clear what area of Plasmid Biology the work falls in;

a covering letter describing why they wish to attend the meeting, what they feel they can contribute, what they will gain from the conference and reasons why they need financial assistance;

a supporting letter from their professor, Head of Department or other senior colleague demonstrating that they have permission to attend and are likely to have the rest of the funds necessary to attend. 

Applications should be sent by Sunday 27th February to: c.m.thomas@bham.ac.uk

We will aim to make a decision within two weeks.  A second call for applications will be made if funds are still available after this time.