Session 7 Thursday 27 May hosted by Jean-Yves Bouet and Chris Thomas

Grace BlackwellWellcome Sanger Inst, UKDistribution and diversity of colRNAI plasmids
Joao Pedro Alves GamaUniv NorwayPlasmid cost alleviation as a consequence of niche-adaptation
Claudia MichaelisBeuth Univ of Applied Sciences, GermanyTraO, a crucial surface protein of the Enterococcus plasmid pIP501 Type IV Secretion System
Arancha PenilInst Biomedicina BiotecnologĂ­a  Cantabria, SpainThe Salmonella enterica plasmidome
Hicham Sekkouri AlaouiCNRS-Toulouse, FranceSensitivity of the partition complex ParABS auto-assembly to DNA supercoiling in bacteria
Jorge Val-CalvoUniv Madrid, SpainpLS20 is the archetypal plasmid of a widely distributed family of conjugative plasmids harboured by different Bacillus species