Session 2 Tuesday 11 May hosted by Eva Top and Beth Traxler

Vega BugataUC-Santa Cruz, USAConnections between plasmid replication and plasmid adaptation to the host
Clint ElgUniv Idaho, USARapid loss of an IncP-1β plasmid gene in non-selective conditions increases plasmid persistence
Olivia KosterlitzUniv of Washington, USAEstimating the rate of plasmid transfer with an adapted Luria–Delbrück fluctuation analysis and a case study on the evolution of plasmid transfer rate
Nikola MayUniv Guelph, CanadaInvestigating the plasmid transfer dynamics of Salmonella enterica in a Simulated Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME)
Nicolas RivardUniv Sherbrooke, CanadaThe Insidious Role of IncC Plasmids in Bacterial Evolution and its Intricacies: Not All Paths to Success are Equal
Wilco VerweijUniv Guelph, CanadaCan Two Strategies Coexist: A Theoretical Model for Post-Segregational Killing Systems 
Andrew WigginsUniv Georgia, USAThe Metabolic Cost to E. coli of Carrying the 94-kb Mercury-Resistance Plasmid NR1 and the Benefit of its mer Locus in Surviving Mercury Exposure