Session 4 Tuesday 18 May hosted by Willem Van Schaik and Rob Moran

Manuel Ares-ArroyoComplutense Univ MadridMultiomic analysis of the compensatory evolution of ColE1-like plasmids
Cora ChmielowskaUniv Warsaw, PolandMobile genetic elements of Listeria spp. 
Joy LengUniv Surrey, UKESBL plasmid transfer by host and country associated E. coli within an in-vitro model of the chicken cecum
Giulia PillaUniv of Oxford, UKPlasmid dynamics in Shigella sonnei
Radoslaw PlutaIRB Barcelona, SpainMobM relaxase from promiscuous pMV158 and the emerging diversity of relaxase folds and catalytic mechanisms
Egill RichardInst Pasteur, FranceEvolutionary constraints on the orientation of the super integron of Vibrio cholerae
Emilia WedelComplutense Univ Madrid Plasmid mediated antimicrobial resistance – adaptation of ColE1-like plasmids to new bacterial hosts