Session 3 Thursday 13 May hosted by Jamie Hall, Malaka de Silva and Catriona Thompson

Aida Alonso-del ValleUniv Ramón y Cajal, SpainVariability of plasmid fitness effects contributes to plasmid persistence in bacterial communities
Robert MoranUniv Birmingham, UKEvolution and horizontal transfer of plasmids in an intensive care unit Acinetobacter baumannii population
Theophile NiaultInst Pasteur, FranceThe additional and unique domain of chromosome 2 initiator mediates replication coordination in Vibrio cholera
Jana PalkovičováUniv Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Studies, Czech RepFitness effect of CTX-M-encoding IncF plasmids on their native Escherichia coli ST131 hosts
Rafael Pinilla-RedondoUniv Copenhagen, DenmarkDiscovery of multiple anti-CRISPRs highlights anti-defense gene clustering in mobile genetic elements
Chloé VirolleUniv Lyon, FranceStudy of the leading region gene yfjB and its role during F plasmid conjugation