Session 1 Thursday 6 May hosted by Jean-Yves Bouet and Chris Thomas

Mislav AcmanUniv College London, UKLarge-scale network analysis captures biological features of bacterial plasmids
Adrian CazaresEMBL-EBI and Sanger Inst, UKLinking past and present: genomics of plasmids of the pre-antibiotic era
Ana GaroñaKiel Univ, GermanySegregational drift of plasmids leads to rapid loss of novel alleles
Valentin Quebre CNRS-Toulouse, FranceNew insights on the role of StbA in the vertical transfer mechanism of plasmid R388
María del Mar Quiñonero CoronelInst Biomedicina Biotecnología  Cantabria, SpainType VI Secretion Systems encoded by plasmids
Santiago Redondo-SalvoInst Biomedicina Biotecnología  Cantabria, SpainPlasmid Taxonomy
Laetitia Van WonterghemKU Leuven-Centre of Microbial and Plant Genetics, BelgiumQuantifying the conjugation kinetics of the broad-host-range plasmid pKJK10 in diverse natural Escherichia coli strains