Session 6 Tuesday 25 May hosted by Fiona Walsh and Thi Thuy Do

Fabienne BenzInst of Integrative Biology,  SwitzerlandVariable evolutionary trajectories of ESBL-plasmids across clinical E. coli strains during in vitro cultivation
Tatiana DimitriuUniv Exeter, UKIncreased copy number couples the evolution of plasmid horizontal transmission and antibiotic resistance. 
Christina HerenciasUniv Ramón y Cajal, SpainCollateral Sensitivity associated with Antibiotic Resistance Plasmids
Jessica MartynUniv Oxford, UKWhat a difference a base makes: initiator tRNAs as a defence against plasmid parasitism
Tomas NohejlUniv Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Studies, Czech RepGenomic analysis of qnr-harbouring IncX plasmids and their transferability within different hosts under induced stress
Marine PonsUniv de Tours, FranceRole of the SOS response in the conjugative transfer and genome maintenance of multidrug resistance Salmonella Genomic Island 1
Katarzyna WegrzynUniv Gdansk, PolandRequirements on nucleoprotein complexes formation by plasmid replication initiators, Rep proteins, for plasmid DNA replication